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Saturday, October 22 2016 @ 08:01 PM PDT
We're putting the old shows up on Blip TV and you'll see the archives of our new show there too - as well as here, but you'll see the new show here first.

Sundays at noon, Pacific Time, The Ingram Show will be live online here on David-Ingram.com

David Ingram - The Ingram Show ArchivesThe Ingram Show includes over 900 shows in 1997-2001 on the Rogers' community channel from their North Vancouver studios, and played throughout the British Columbia Lower Mainland as well as other locations.

Unlike many "talk show" format shows, The Ingram Show typically featured a single topic for the full hour - an author, celebrity, politician, up-and-comer, or simply David dealing with one or more of his favourite topics: Taxation, Immigration, Bureaucracy, and many others. This allowed for far more in-depth interviews and extremely informative dialogs with both guests and phone-in viewers.

From Farley Mowatt to David's own son, Mitchell (talking about kids and computers,) David brings a depth of knowledge and breadth of background unmatched by others; and manages to get his guests to open up and exhibit their humanity in ways that no other similar show can match.

Watch for new interviews soon (October, 2008). In the mean time, please enjoy the archives as we bring them online (in fairly random order) over the next few months.

Update October 2008: The task of digitizing and editing the older shows is proceeding well. The problem is we've been struggling with how and where to put them so you can best enjoy them. In the mean time we've put some up on our server where our web site resides, but the cost of putting them all up was going to be prohibitive.

We've settled on putting them on BLIP.TV - a web TV site oriented toward hosting shows such as ours, as opposed to the typical 3-10 minute slices of life that YouTube and many others host. We'll have the live shows hosted by Voxel, our current web co-location supplier (our we site is hosted by Richard Pitt's Pacific Data Capture on hardware at Voxel) as they have the facilities to stream tens of thousands (we hope we'll hit that mark soon) of simultaneous feeds. The archives of the show will be moved to BLIP.TV shortly after the live show finishes.

Lots of exciting programs coming - hope to hear from you.



  • February 2 - Frank Olson - street proofing our kids - SPOK
  • February 3 - Real Estate discussion with Ron Vandenberg and John McKilligan
  • February 12 - Tony Martin and his book "Me and My Money"
  • February 15 - John R. Winter - President of B.C. Chamber of Commerce
  • February 24 - Tim Jones - North Shore Rescue. Mountain rescue in the rugged areas around Vancouver, Mount Seymour, Cypress Bowl, Grouse Mountain and beyond
  • February 25 - Gillian Guess
  • March 2 - David Ingram hosts a call in program
  • September 24 - Jackie Gonzales, Wade Baker, Ted White, former MLA and Hereditary Chief Frank Baker
  • November 4 - Michael Kan
  • November 5 - Art Jones, Dal Richards - Big Band music
  • November 25 - Michael Kluckner - Canada, A Journey of Discovery
  • November 26 - Ozzie Jurock - Real Estate



Ozzie Jurock - What, When, Where and How to Buy Real Estate In Canada

Ingram Replays

Ozzie Jurock: What, When, Where and How to Buy Real Estate in CanadaOzzie Jurock, noted real estate investment guru, talks to David about his new book, "What, When, Where and How to Buy Real Estate in Canada.

Ozzie and David have done numerous shows together as well as seminars and in fact, some of the first on-line, live streaming video shows ever on the internet. David is one of Ozzie's Experts for answers to questions posed by the viewers at Ozzie's web site and frequenly appears with Ozzie to talk about taxation and consequences during seminars and road trips.

We're sure you'll enjoy these two getting together in David's front room to talk about real estate and the current investment climate.

Call-in Question - Catherine from Minnesota - Capital Gains across the border

Ingram Replays

Phone call from a listener about she and husband moving to US from Canada - she is a US citizen, he is a Canadian who gets a US Green Card (resident alien). Tax consequences of having a home in both US and Canada - how determining residency makes a difference both in US tax and in how to treat capital gains. This caller has done it all herself and done an excellent job - she would make an excellent employee of David's business.

David takes time out from reminiscing with friends Fred Snyder and Ozzie Jurock to answer a call-in question from Minnesota. You too can call in with your cross-border tax questions most Wednesday evenings between 6PM and 9PM Pacific time - 1-866-980-0499 in North America

Friendship, Finances and History

Ingram Replays

David, Fred Snyder and Ozzie Jurock have been friends for many years. David has done various programs with both Fred and Ozzie separately, but rarely with the two of them on at the same time.

Listen in while these three talk about their history together and about some of the recent criminal financial cases that have graced the media lately.

July 28, 1999 - Shirley Stocker Hosts - VPD ODD-Squad

Ingram Replays

Shirley Stocker is replacement host for David Ingram and interviews two members of the Vancouver Police Department "Odd Squad" about their work with the people in the Vancouver downtown eastside of Vancouver, BC.


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