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Friday, October 21 2016 @ 06:42 PM PDT

Aside from my scheduled shows, I occaisionally do interviews and seminars in other venues. Here you'll find links to recent ones and archives of past ones:

Richard Pitt - Live Streaming Video and Internet

Special Programs

David and Richard wander through their history together from the early days of the internet to the live streaming video from eagle nests for Hancock Wildlife Foundation. Along the way they drag in everyone from Dal Richards to Susan Jacks, David Hancock to Rick Honey.

David and Richard have been friends and business partners for over 25 years.

Read on to watch the interview

Richard Pitt - Internet Pioneer in Canada and Live Streaming Video GURU

Special Programs

Richard's history with the Internet in general and David's CEN-TA tax and Real Estate business; tieing offices across Canada together and creating some of the first web sites in the Canada and the world.

Richard's business, Pacific Data Capture, has been working with Unix, Xenix and now Linux since the early 1980s an is most recently known as the technical side of the hugely popular Live Streaming Eagle Nest Cameras of the Hancock Wildlife Foundation.

In addition to the streaming video, such as this new Ingram Show, Richard's company works heavily in the creation of custom active web sites using Content Management Systems and Social Network Software.

Enjoy a bit of the history of computers and the Internet with David and Richard including how the Hornby Island Eagle Nest became a world-wide event.


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