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Saturday, October 22 2016 @ 10:44 AM PDT

Murray Morrison - Debtor's Assistance Society

David talks to bankruptcy specialist lawyer, Murray Morrison, about bankruptcy and credit in general, and about the new foundation that Murray and a number of others have formed - The Debtor's Assistance Society - to educate people about debt and credit and their options

You can reach Debtor's Assistance Society at:

#303 - 15225 104th Ave.
Surrey, BC  V3R 6Y8

Glen Kelleway - Mortgages, Credit and Tax

David interviews his friend, Glen Kelleway. Glen is a mortgage broker and specializes in one of David's pet tax regimes - that of making your Canadian mortgage tax deductible.

Along the way you'll hear how Glen helped David get his mortgage and learn some of what Glen does and how he can help you, even if you have been bankrupt as David has been. See the detailed list of the sections for a couple of telephone questions.

Glen can be reached at:

Phone: 604-476-0053 (toll free 1-866-476-0053)www.youtube.com/watch

David Hancock - Fraser Valley Eagle Festival and Other Fraser Valley Wildlife Concerns

David Hancock is one of David Ingram's long-time friends. A naturalist, bioligist and publisher, David Hancock is one of the best known spokesmen about eagles in specific and "those wildlife at the top of the food chain" which include bears, especially the White Spirit Bear, and the killer whale and of course the Bald Eagle.

The topic today is the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival - but along with this we learn about the Chilkat Eagle Festival and concerns about the development in that area including the new pipeline and the impact the construction will have on the wildlife in that area.

In the Fraser Valley, we learn of David's concerns for the migratory birds due to the huge "virus incubators" - aka the chicken "broiler farms" as well as the other problem - the pig farms.

Everyone who has any interest in conservation and learning what the problems are in relation to birds and salmon should watch this.


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