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Wednesday, October 26 2016 @ 05:56 PM PDT

Tom Byrne - Robert W. Service - Cremation of Sam McGee

Tom Byrne - Robert Service Cremation of Sam McGeeTom Byrne talks to David about Tom's time playing Robert W. Service in Dawson City, Yukon. It has been a couple of years since Tom last performed (he's well into his 80's) but his rendition of The Cremation of Sam McGee is as riveting as ever.

David and Tom share a love for the Yukon. David has driven there 6 times over the past many years.

Paul Swingle - Depression, Closed Brain Injuries, Brain Mapping

David and Paul Swingle discuss Paul's work with curing ADHD, Depression and effects of Closed Brain Injury.

Mood disorders and SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder. David has a number of Paul's SAD lights.

The differences between "reactive depression" and depression due to genetic or physiological disorder.

Weaning ADHD patients off drugs and curing their problem instead of just medicating it or teaching them how to live with it.

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Dr. Paul Swingle

Dr. Paul Swingle talks to David Ingram about his work with ADHD, ADD, Closed Head injuries.

Biofeedback for the Brain - Dr. Swingle's new book from Rutger's Press

Curing Attention Deficit Disorder, not just medicating it.

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