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Sunday, October 23 2016 @ 03:07 PM PDT

Richard Pitt - Hancock Wildlife Foundation

David and Richard talk about Richard's new position as the Executive Director of Hancock Wildlife Foundation.

Richard has been working for the foundation as a contractor since its inception. The foundation is now large enough and diverse enough that David Hancock, its founder and President, needs help with the funding and management of this growing organization.

From gathering other wildlife cameras together into a production center, to creating and funding education, conservation and research initiatives, Hancock Wildlife is doing some of the most visible work on the planet in getting people interested in our wildlife conservation problems.

March 3, 2010 - Paul Swingle

Neurotherapy, Paul's specialty, is used to help the brain overcome many different brain-related problems. From Olympic athletes going for the gold, to attention deficit disorder (ADD) and autism, Paul's staff help their patients improve their brain functions.

In this interview, David brings in phone calls from two of Paul's former clients.

Even years after his original injury, Les recounts that his treatment over about a year "I felt like myself again"

Stephanie, a professional research scientist, brought her son to Paul's staff with a lot of scepticism. There has been a major improvement in her son's life. With ADHD and oppositional defiance, her son ended up in a special education class with a crisis room with padded walls, which he spent time in. In his teens, her son simply was a handful beyond their abilities to deal with, on several types of medication. 

After a brain-mapping and several sessions, her son has not had a single detention and is getting straight A grades. He gets himself to school and has just been accepted to university; a remarkable success story.



Croft Woodruff - Vitamins and Nutriceuticals

Croft Woodruff talks to David and Richard about nutriceuticals - specifically Vitamin D and the fact that most North Americans don't get enough of this important component of our bodies.


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