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Monday, October 24 2016 @ 08:03 PM PDT

Globalism and the Internet - Laws and Treaties that Will Change the World

The format of Around the World is changing. David Ingram and Richard Pitt will co-host the show, dealing with a broad variety of controversial topics in a similar manner to David's earlier television show. You'll learn some of the background of both David and Richard as they lead into the real topic for tonight.

The topic tonight is copyright and what the media publishers are doing to drive governments to try to control it. Richard gets into the reasons this has become a perceived problem to the publishers, showing the history of the growth of the internet and disk storage, then deals with the economics and why it really makes no sense for the publishers to treat their customers as the enemy. Lots of examples and definitions of terms so you can understand what is going on when your government introduces new legislation that becomes controversial.

Personal insights and on the spot knowledge of how personal music copying started and grew, along with why there is a problem with what the music publishers want to do about it. 

apologies for the poor video quality - our archive copy was defective so this is from the flash broadcast version

Individual Segments:

  1. Introduction to new show format. David Ingram and Richard Pitt
  2. Introduction to new show format continued
  3. Background to the new show. and how Richard met David during the dawn of the PC revolution in the Vancouver area.
  4. A look back at disk storage history and costs. Usenet and the gateway to the internet in early 1980s. Bill Gates and the Radio Shack Model 16 story.
  5. Model 16 story continued. The Model 100 was designed for Bill
  6. David describes a scene where he is doing a tax return while driving down the road in 1986. via cell phone. Talk about ahead of our time. More of David's  and Richard's background.
  7. Software copying and the rise of the internet as a copyright problem area. Cost per megabyte dropping, CPCC and blank music levy on hard drives
  8. Windows Vista and why Microsoft didn't do well with it. More on private copying
  9. Why are we doing Around the World? Treating your customer as the enemy
  10. Copyright - Time Shifting and private copying. Difference between Canada and US copyright - fair use and fair dealing
  11. Why are we changing the format of the show?
  12. Usenet news as the first file sharing network facility. Audio in Canada is legal to "private copy" - but not video. How Richard got into classical music
  13. Discussion of how you decide what music to purchase. Word of mouth, radio, listening booths and the internet. Why do people download music?
  14. More on finding the music you want to listen to and purchase. Back catalogs
  15. Collage of images vs sampling of audio - fair use in the US and how the limits are established. Napster, peer to peer and the publishers and the ISPs.
  16. Private copying vs piracy. The publishers as "star makers" - owning a printing press vs private copying. Quantitiy made the publishing industry work.
  17. The publishers have lost control over private copying and the copying process and the media creators who can now make their own copies. Avatar - an aside discussion on the 3D aspects of Avatar. 
  18. Are the publishers really losing sales to private copying or were the lower sales volumes due to their own problems? Disposable income and changing uses of it. ISP as police and judge. 
  19. 3 strikes, you're out - and no judicial oversight or procedure. Losing the internet connection is like losing access to the public road system today. DMCA and the RIAA suing their customers.
  20. Digital Rights Management as a method of stopping piracy. DVD encryption and region coding. Key management and privacy.
  21. DRM and privacy invasion. Amazon Kindle and "turning off a book you've purchased". Anti-circumvention and the DMCA. Examples of why this is a bad idea from the consumer point of view. The Sony rootkit and Caesar cyphers
  22. Does encryption stop piracy? No. All it does is punish the customers and make them mad. The US wants the rest of the world to implement the DMCA Canada does not have Fair Use to balance the DMCA - but they want to force us to have it anyway. 

Background and Other Reading/Watching

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