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Sunday, October 23 2016 @ 10:06 PM PDT

Gary Bannerman - Squandering Billions and Communications

David Ingram and Gary Bannerman have interviewed each other literally hundreds of times over the years they've known each other.

This interview is largely about Gary's book Squandering Billions - written with Don Nixdorf, who David interviewed earlier, about the state of the health care system in Canada. Gary's insights into why the book was written, and the background and structure of the Canadian health care system are well thought out and right on the money. We're sure you'll enjoy this interview.


In addition, David and Gary discuss some of their history together such as radio talks show host Pat Burns chasing a cleaner out of the studio with her own vacuum, and then get in to some of the other projects Gary has been working on in his career as a communications and publicity consultant.

Gary is also a consultant to the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of B.C. He and David discuss some of the history of this organization and get an insight into the auto industry in BC. Following this, they get into talking about one of Gary's long-time passions, horse racing, and the state of the industry here in BC and around North America.

The interview continues during the subsequent hour of call-in tax questions, filling in the time between questions.


You can contact Gary Bannerman at:


Telephone: (604) 924-2001

FAX: (604) 924-1500


See more information on Squandering Billions at the Squandering Billions web site - you can purchase the book from the publisher, Hancock House Publishing or from the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research in the US




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